The @Bstract Roadmap

The Long and Winding Road

With so many collections and projects popping up and so many roadmaps promising the earth, I wanted to create one that I could definitely deliver. One that at its core is just to use a percentage of my sales to do some good both within the NFT community and out in the real world. You’ll notice that many of these intentions revolve around parts of my life that i’m passionate about. Whilst I may not be promising future metaverse game releases, animated movies, coin staking and DAO’s, as a collector you’ll be apart of a project trying to make the world a better and more creative place.

This won’t be your usual road map of “wen 50% are minted I’ll do this” but more of my general plan on how I’ll use my art for the better. I’ll be continuingly adding to this roadmap throughout our journey as I find new initiatives and organization but for now here are my initial ideas.

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Carbon Negative

I commit to making sure that my entire collection including work I buy from other artists, will be continually made carbon negative through the use of Aerial: An organisation that analyses your wallet and works with verified environmental efforts globally to offset carbon emissions.

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Artist Onboarding

I believe that NFTs will revolutionise Art, Music, Gaming and so many other industries. I’d like to do my part in helping other creatives join the space. This will include: Paying their initial gas fee’s, teaching them what I’ve learnt about NFTs and purchasing their first pieces. This isn’t a milestone but rather a continuous endevour.

Artist Community

One of the best ways to support other artists is to simply buy their work: a percentage of my sales will simply go back into the NFT community. The great thing about the blockchain is you’ll always be able to see which other artists I’m supporting by checking my personal collection. Please also check my collaborations page to see some of the unique and incredible artists I’ve worked with so far.

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Donating Art Supplies

One of the best ways to secure the future of creativity is to invest in the younger generation. I’ll be buying Art supplies and personally donating to local schools and youth clubs to make sure they have the resources they need to create the NFTs of tomorrow.

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Music Lessons

Music has always been the biggest part of my life and having taught music for years I’ve seen first hand the difference it can make in people's lives. I’d like use my Art to pay for music lesson for children with a passion for music but may not be able to afford their weekly tuition. I also have much more ambitious plans in this area such as scholarships and bursaries, but more to come on that later.

Album and Live Show Funding

Having studied music in London and worked as a professional touring and session musician, over the years I have met a huge amount of incredible artists and players. I know the costs involved in releasing an album and I would love to fund some of the projects I’ve connected with. My aim is also to provide the collectors of my work free access to all of these projects.

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Charity Donation

As well as my own charitable initiative there are so many others that i’d like to help fund, two close to my heart are Calling All Crows and Love Light and Melody. A percentage of my sales already goes to these organisations but I would love to be donate a bigger sum. With an ambitious plan of $10,000 to each charity. I’d also like to match that donation in a community-driven initiative where the collectors can suggest and decide organisations we donate too.

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