From canvas to blockchain:
The collective works of @Bstract

Portrait of the artist

New Release

The Paynt Chronicles

The Paynt Chronicles is a series of interconnected animated scenes and stories, each split across five original @Bstract artworks. Collecting a complete animation set also comes with a unique utility.

Collection 01

The Originals

Each 1/1 piece in the collection starts with an idea painted onto canvas. It is then photographed, digitally manipulated and enhanced to create the final piece of artwork. The canvases have all been reused so every piece in this collection exists solely as an NFT, the majority of which sold after an endorsement from Mark Cuban.

The remaining Originals are avialable to buy via the OpenSea collection.

About the artist

@Bstract is a Channel Islands-based NFT artist who creates original hand painted artwork. Each piece is digitally enhanced and sold exclusively as a 1/1. His symbolic abstract pieces draw inspiration from his work as a professional musician, the beauty in nature and love, his travels through different cultures, and his interest in technology and innovation.

@Bstract portrait

Collection 02

The Foundation Collection

Within this collection you will find unique 1/1 pieces that are a little different from the Main collection.

Pieces may include original Music by @bstract, new techniques, alternate animation and interesting collabs with other foundation artists.

Collection 03

The Collabs

A series of collaborations with other artists and large NFT collections. To keep up to date with the latest collab pieces follow @Bstract on social media.


is an American animator, writer, cartoonist, video game designer, and comic book artist whose work has encompassed animated television, video games, and comic books. He is best known for creating Earthworm Jim, Catscratch and my personal favourite The Neverhood, Which his own NFT Collection Eternal Klays spawns from.

@Bstract artwork offset-flex

Gus Fink

A limited offset-flex of Dino Boy artwork from visionary Gus Fink. Gus’ work is internationally collected and has been shown in galleries across America. He’s been spotted in major motion pictures, illustrated several books, and is also the creator of the FrightShow Fighter game.

@Bstract artwork offset-flex

Fame Identity

Based on the piece Quandary II, An original 100+ hour ballpoint pen drawing inspired by the End Sars Protest. The abstract art merged into the background incorporates the colours of the Nigerian flag. While the artists have never met in person they have built a connection in the metaverse.

A percentage of this piece will be donated to compassion orphanage, who provide not just a house, but a home where love is shared to the fullest without discrimination to race, tribe and religion.

@Bstract artwork offset-flex


Ali Sabet is an Iranian-American artist and designer. His work shines with vibrant optimism, love and beauty in the face of the profane. Blended Hearts is a piece inspired by his work, “May you always be in love”.

@Bstract artwork offset-flex


Disruptive artist, reading, creating, and exploring art from his small room in Mexico, through a systemized, intellectual, chaotic world. Artwork created from unconsciousness based on the eyes, colors, shapes, and shadows.

@Bstract artwork offset-flex
Aerial NFT

I'm committed to making sure that my entire collection, including work I buy from other artists, will be continually made carbon negative in partnership with Aerial.